Assault & Pepper go Urban (Paddle)

Last month, Stef and I were approached by an editor at Urban Paddle ( for a feature on our favorite places in Miami.  Considering the extremely broad guidelines (“[i]t can be a store, cultural space, market, or, even, a bench on a street corner”), Stef and I got to thinking about local spots. We both have our favorite stores, coffee shops, fancy restaurants, and street corner benches (who doesn’t?).  However, we wanted something that represented “our” Miami.  Which, of course, led us to food.

We apologize in advance to all of our favorite schwanky restaurants.   I’d like to personally apologize to Eating House, aka the originator of my gluttonous chicken & waffle obsession, which opened after we submitted our answers.  Mmm candied bacon.  I digress. I chose Buena Vista Deli, an anomaly in Miami in the best sense of the word, owned by a guy both passionate and kind enough to share his family’s macaron recipe with an annoyingly inquisitive and amateur baker.  Stef selected Blue Collar, the spot that impressively resurrected the veggie eater lurking deep within her short-rib-loving soul.   What is your favorite Miami spot?




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