Flavour Flav: Interview with Flavour Gallery

I love clothes. And food. Mostly food. So when I heard about a company that screens food-related images onto the comfiest, best-fitting shirts I’ve ever worn, I was immediately sold.  Below are a couple of my favorites from their collection:

I purchased the #SOBEWFF and Fork, Spoon & Knife tanks at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival and have yet to take them off, partly because they are roomy enough for my post-SobeWFF food baby, and partly because they’re funky and comfortable.  Curious about the background behind the company, I contacted Alfredo and Erin, the masterminds behind Flavour Gallery, for a quick Q&A:

Q: Why the t-shirt market and more specifically, why food-related shirts?

A: We are based in Los Angeles and our core day-to-day business is actually manufacturing for other apparel brands and companies/organizations of all sizes.  We decided to launch Flavour Gallery because we felt the time was right for us to launch our own brand.  We focused on food and all things culinary because that is something we are extremely passionate about and could see ourselves making a difference with in terms of quality and our creative vision.

Q: Out of all the shirts/hoodies in your shop, which one is your favorite?

A: I love them all, but the hand illustrations with the quotes on the back are special.  I feel those capture a simple technique while providing something some words that help bring a little extra life to the design.

Q: Who would be your dream chef collaboration?

A: For me personally i would love to do a collaboration with Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio.  I am originally from Peru and he has been instrumental in helping introduce our food and culture to the world.  He is not only an important chef, but also an icon of a country’s progress and cultural movement.

Q: Aside from Rick Tramonto and LudoBites, any plans for more collaborations?

A: Lots more collaborations coming in 2012!  Cannot reveal the release schedule as of now, but we will certainly be turning heads when the news hits!

Q: I’ve seen Michael Symon repeatedly rocking your shirts, who else has been spotted in Flavour Gallery?

A: We have lots of amazing chefs all over the country wearing Flavour Gallery – we wish we can name them all because they are all important to our brand.  We have TV chefs all the way from Geoffrey Zakarian to Chris Cosentino wering our shirts, as well as local heros like Miami’s Timon Balloo, New York’s Hugh Mangum, and LA’s Ricardo Zarate – all have been super supportive.

Q: What is your social media outlet of choice?

A: Twitter is a lot of fun because we love the conversations we fall into and the focus of our audience.  Facebook is useful too because it provides a more visual experience and introduces the brand to those who did not know they had a foodie within them.

Q: Who comes up with the images for your “produce”? What is the inspiration behind the images?

A: Erin and I both come of with the concepts and the ideas behind every design in the collection.  We either get inspired our own kitchen, taking drives up to local California vineyards or watching some of our favorite chefs on TV.

Q: Any funny image ideas that didn’t make the cut?

We have definitely cut a few designs from the collection over the past year.  Perhaps more than funny we felt they were a bit too awkward or provided a visual a customer might not connect with.  Let’s put it this way… It’s always a challenge developing pork-based graphics.

Q: Do you have plans for a storefront? 

A: We would love a brick and mortar storefront where we can create the “Flavour Gallery experience” for our customers, but that may be a ways down the line.  There are so many changes taking place with traditional retail these days that we feel we are most effective by selling online and through grassroots events only at this time.  We are very much a niche brand and there are not too many retailers that we fit in with so a storefront in the right markets would eventually be great for us.


One response to “Flavour Flav: Interview with Flavour Gallery

  1. Me encantó la entrevista, and congratulations, for the success, for both of you. love.

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