Blackbird Ordinary

Transit Lounge is gone and has been replaced with The Blackbird Ordinary, which has kept the chill vibe (albeit, with a little more swank) that Transit had, but updated it with some seriously serious cocktails, fresh board games, revamped bathrooms, waiter service, oh, and fresh mint for the pickin’. Based upon their Facebook updates, I expected to walk into this place and be greeted with cans of PBR and shots of something I ultimately would not drink (a Dickel? No thank you). Instead, a thoughtful cocktail list waited at a beautiful, half-circle booth. The ambiance, best described as Hitchcock’s Birds meets underground hipster meets prohibition era, is a great alternative to the mass amount of Irish pubs in Brickell.

There was something for everyone on this list – even your friend who’s a protein nut and would love an entire egg in his evening cocktail (you can never get too much protein, bro). I decided to go with a drink a little on the lighter side, the Blue Bonnet, a Kentucky Julep style beverage. This drink was beautiful. The fresh mint was so aromatic, the ice was piled beautifully into the tin cup, which, with much care, had a napkin wrapped around it so that my poor little fingers wouldn’t get frostbite. Bulliet Bourbon, fresh peach puree…This drink had me at hello (if drinks could talk).

I certainly didn’t need anymore mint in my drink of choice, however, it was free for the taking at every table.

Because I’m pretty much a light weight, I only ordered that one drink (it was strong, I swear). But when contemplating another, I was offered a variety of ice cubes, including one made with coconut water. Yes, I am intrigued. Shari visited the bar the next night, and ordered a Red Footed Booby (obviously not with a straight face) made with Don Julio Tequila Reposado and Cocchi Americano with fresh muddled strawberries, agave nectar, lime juice, and frothed with an egg white, which tasted like a mix between a strawberry daiquiri and a margarita. In addition to the ice, the attention to detail here is pretty outstanding. A waiter was constantly wiping down our table (and also, I spilled an entire glass of water everywhere, woops), and provided me with a new napkin to wrap around my cup several times.

Although the signature cocktails are only available at the main bar inside, a ping pong table and additional bar out back provide a cool escape when Blackbird gets too crowded.

This place can make a drink. I’m not sure who is doing their PR, but I think a new angle should be contemplated. Instead of making it seem like you only offer up those hipster beers that everyone pretends to love, push the fact that you have real cocktails for those of us who seek them out.


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