Drunch at 660 At The Anglers

Isn't This SO Welcoming?

Drunch. You know…drunk brunch. Is there a better kind of mid-day, weekend eating? I don’t think so. The bacon…the eggs…homefries with that perfect, crusty sear to them. Okay, but really, I’ll get to the point: the bloody marys. 660 At The Anglers was a convenient and great choice for my latest Sunday debauchery with the aforementioned eats and drink. Entering the restaurant, you can’t help but feel like you’re transported to a lovely, northeast-esque inn. It’s homey — the perfect place to linger over the unlimitedΒ bloody mary brunch that they offer. With the ability to slouch deep into the lovely cushioned seating, complete with pillows, a large-flat screen set to college football…you almost feel like you’re in the comfort of your own home (except, you’re not at home, so refrain from kicking your feet up on the table). After our waitress, Sarah, asked if we liked our chosen cocktail spicy or not (yes), we watched the bartender prepare each bloody mary to order. The mix is made in-house (no Zing-Zang or Mrs.T’s trying to be passed off as fresh mix here), and the garnishes varied from several briny olives on a skewer, to a beautiful kebab of pearl onion, salami, gerhkin and olives. Feel free to tweak their mix to your liking – Sarah told us that a week before we came in, they had to dump almost an entire bottle of Tabasco into some spicy group of men’s drinks. To each his own. However, we personally felt that the mix was just right, and unlike Goldie Bears, we had no need or desire to try out a different version. (If vodka isn’t your thing, they do offer their Bloody Mary with tequilla – the ‘Bloody Rita’). To accompany our beverages (isn’t it normally the other way around?) we ordered bacon pecan pancakes, and a breakfast wrap with hollandaise sauce. The breakfast wrap was pretty standard – fluffy eggs, potatoes, crispy bacon and cheese in a tortilla wrap. The addition of the hollandaise was a nice touch, but I wish that it was drizzled inside of the wrap rather than placed next to the wrap in a dish. It was easy to think that it was a dressing for the greens that accompanied the wrap, especially when you’ve consumed a few adult beverages. The definite winner was the pancakes. It is VERY rare for me to consume a stack of pancakes – generally, I order a half stack and still can only eat one. However, I ate every…single…last…bite of these. With generous pieces of thick cut bacon in the pancake batter, I felt like I was on a treasure hunt everytime I went to take a bite (“Ohh, will I find bacon in this bite?”). The pancake encapsulating the crispy pork was niceee & fluffy, and the cinnamon-butter did a great job of tying it all together (although these flavors need little help). The restaurant only had about 3 tables seated within the 3 hours we were there. People, leave the line at the Big Pink, and come here instead once in a while. Although the menu isn’t as extensive (can any menu be as extensive as the Big Pink’s?), you’ll escape the touristy-hooplah, will not have to wait in the disgusting humidity to be served, and will have excellent food & service. Oh, and drinks.
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One response to “Drunch at 660 At The Anglers

  1. Hi! My name is Giorgio Rapicavoli…I’m the chef at 660 and just stumbled on to your review…thanks for the kind words and we really appreciate the support! We have Elvis pancakes now too!

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