Pisco Sours & Ceviche in Coconut Grove

Jaguar Spoon Bar & Latam Grill is the first place I ever indulged in a Pisco Sour. I was at first intrigued by how frothy the bartender got the egg-whites, and then after a few more sips, I was hooked on this sweet drink. Whether it’s the passion fruit pisco or the traditional, Jaguar has never let me down. They make their drinks strong, and you can’t complain about that. Unless you’re weird. If you make it to the restaurant by Happy Hour, you get a free spoon of ceviche with each drink you order. The ceviche is fresh and flavorful, and you can choose whichever variety you want – shrimp, calamari, tuna, white fish, swordfish and corvina are all yours for the (free) taking.

Traditional Pisco Sours

Passion Fruit Pisco Sour

Emily & I chose one shrimp spoon (Shrimp “Verde”), and one tuna spoon (Ceviche Oriental). It was Emily’s first experience with my favorite peruvian treat, Cancha. I could eat these corn kernels all day long, and Jaguar gives you a healthy serving of them along with your spoons. In addition, fresh tortilla & pita chips and a red salsa are sent your way.

Complimentary Ceviche Spoons

Chips & Salsa

Even though we had both downed two drinks, a spoon each, and the tortilla chips (which you may recognize from the post on Talavera), we decided to order two “amazon” sized ceviches…enough to feed a small army. So naturally, perfect for Em and I. You truly get a ton of bang for the buck at Jaguar. Compare their gargantuan plate of ceviche at $15 to ceviche appetizers at upscale restaurants. They do not prefer quantity over quality, however. We sat at the ceviche bar and watched the chef make plate after plate of their different varieties. We watched as another squeezed lime after lime. You taste this in the meal. I’m not a ceviche expert, but I have ordered it at many Miami establishments, and I think these plates hold their own.

With reasonable prices and such a great happy hour special, this is a spot worth checking out to have a light & fresh (and potentially healthy if you skip the chips) meal if you find yourself in the Grove (and waiting to eat, for the 1000th time, at Greenstreet). -Stef

P.S. We recently ordered takeout from Jaguar and it tasted just as fresh at home (and the next day) as it did eating at the restaurant. The portion sizes remained large. The only bothersome aspect of takeout from this restaurant is that they charged me $2.50 for the chips and salsa that come free when dining in, and they wouldn’t provide me with a tiny side of their addicting aji amarillo sauce.

Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar & Latam Grill on Urbanspoon

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