crumb on parchment

All summer, I’ve been waiting to try out Crumb on Parchment, a Michelle Bernstein jointtt.

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I’ve had to wait all summer because the hours are 8:30-5:30, Monday-Friday, and I (along with most of us ‘po, or even average, folks) had to conveniently work at those exact hours every day this summer. Finally, a day off presented itself to me, and off I went to Crumb. Toted as a “bakery/cafe,” I really loved the rustic feel of its setup – mismatched silverware, ice in metal milk buckets…it was, in a word, adorable. I felt like I should’ve been in a floral sundress or something Hamptons-eqsue. Emily & I decided to split several menu items: the white gazpacho, grilled cheese with tomato on white “butter-bread,” the pulled rotisserie chicken sandwich, and a side of the couscous salad. Β The winner of the bunch was without a doubt the chicken sandwich – creamy, tangy from the goat cheese, delicious crunchy bread – Emily couldn’t stop saying how good she thought it was. She basically ate it as slow as possible so that it wouldn’t end. The white gazpacho was not what we expected, however, if you like cold soup, it was refreshing and a welcome change to the same ‘ol red gazpacho. I found out, after inquiry, that the soup was made of fennel, cucumber, dill, celery, and extra virgin olive oil. The dill flavor was the strongest, so at time it felt like I was eating pickle juice, but I didn’t mind. I like pickles. Call me Snookie. Actually, don’t. If you don’t like pickles, don’t order this (or inquire first if dill is in it that day).

White Gazpacho

HOWEVER, I distinctly tasted almonds in this soup. When I asked if there were any nuts in the soup, I was told no, just the ingredients previously stated. Well, in my next spoonful, I got a piece of almond and slivered green grape. I love almonds and I do not have a nut allergy (that’s what she said), but I would imagine someone who is allergic to nuts may have an issue with this omission. The grilled cheese was nice and gooey as promised, but the bread was the shining star, rather than the cheese. When I asked a waiter if the bread was made by Crumb on Parchment, he laughed and said ‘No.’ I was surprised, since this was, after all, a bakery that boasted 10 sandwiches on its menu. But, as explained to me, because the prep kitchen is shared with Sra Martinez, they don’t have the capacity to make their own breads. Fair enough, I guess. The iced tea is worth mentioning as well – with ginger peach or pom-berry available, simple syrup was available to sweeten it to our liking. Both were great. The sandwiches and soup were good, but the real strong point of Crumb on Parchment (aside from the pulled chicken sandwich) is clearly its baked goods. Because their baked goods are so delicious, I would really love to see what they could do with sandwich bread. We brought home a piece of cheesecake (although it looked really dense, it was light, with an orange taste to it and an amazing grahamcracker crust), a brownie (crunchy on top, gooey inside, crunchy walnuts), and a snicker-doodle cookie (moist, crumbly, perfect). Let’s just say, when Emily snuck out of her room to finish the brownie, she thought I would be mad at her in the morning. It was that good. Be smart and buy two. -Stefanie

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