Feel Good Fast Food: Oxymoron?

I am a self-proclaimed fast food lover. I’ve been known to eat a McNugget (or 20) when I’m stressed, and after recent introduction to Chik-Fil-A, I even dressed up as a cow on their Cow Appreciation Day to get a free value meal (it was funny and fun). But everytime I eat from these establishments, I feel a wash of guilt, a surge of energy, and then I crash. Although there are great, healthy, “fast food” options like Lime and Salsa Fiesta, sometimes you want the classic chicken strips, hamburger, or french fries without feeling guilt. Driving by Evos was like an answer from the fast-food G-Ds. 99% of Evos’ products are all-natural, and they use as many organic products as possible. They blanch their chicken, rather than frying it, they bake their Airfries, and they make their own ketchup varieties (4 to be exact), and their shakes are made with low-fat ice cream and milk. They strive to make sure all the vendors they use are environmentally-conscious. From the bag they serve you your food in, to the seats you sit on, from the ink they write their menus with, almost everything is made from recycled products. The cup you drink out of is made of corn. It’s clearly a company who truly cares about health and the environment.

But does it taste good? The Airfries were pretty good – they actually tasted and smelled like potatoes (although they definitely could have been hotter). A sea-salt grinder is provided for you to salt as you please, and you have your choice of garlic, cayenne, bbq, or traditional homemade ketchups that are so delicious (even without the high-fructose corn syrup) that you won’t miss the salt at all. I think I enjoyed the ketchup more than the fries, to be honest. The Spicy Thai Chicken Wrap Β was seriously delicious, and huge. It was spicy, peanut-y, the wrap was fresh and soft, and the chicken tasted and felt like chicken, not flavored rubber. I brought half home & I loved it so much that I woke up thinking about it, and subsequently ate it for breakfast (I couldn’t wait for an “acceptable” hour of the day). Will it fill the same void that McDonald’s does for some of us? Probably not. But will you feel better after you eat Evos than you would after eating at the normal chains? Yes. I hate to write about chain restaurants when there are so many wonderful, local restaurants to try in Miami. But I at least suggest passing up the usual fast food haunts and giving Evos a try. – Stefanie

Evos on Urbanspoon

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