Hot Dawg

Hailing from New York, hot dogs are somewhat of a summer staple for me. You eat a Hebrew National or Nathan’s or Sabretts (depending if you’re at CitiField or Yankee stadium) while watching a game; at outdoor barbeques, your friends hamburger and hot dog are always on the guest list and they always RSVP ‘yes’; or maybe one of your friends Dad’s even boils them in beer, wraps them in tinfoil, and brings them for some hungover, beachside indulgence (Hi Genel & Mr. G!). But, this is in New York. In Miami, summer is seemingly devoid of all hot dog opportunities–no one goes to the baseball games here, it’s a $500 deposit to reserve the BBQ at most apartment buildings, and if you want a hot dog by the beach, be prepared to pay your last paycheck for it.

Although several of the food trucks have great hot dogs on their menus (Gastropod, Mr. Good Stuff), sometimes you just want a hot dog without having to check twitter and run around town. After reading many reviews for Dogma (and many complaints about the removal of their Veggie Dog due to new owners), I decided to check it out myself. In my opinion (and who doesn’t want my opinion?), if you want a no-nonsense, beef hotdog…then it’s Dogma FTW.

We sampled four different offerings: The Pitchfork, The Turkey Corn Dog, The Chicago, and The L.A. Chili Dog. Other dogs, like the Tropical, included toppings like Pineapple and crushed potato chips; the classic New York, sautéed onions, Sabretts style.  The varieties that we tried did the trick- they were filling, had a nice ‘snap’ from being grilled on the flattop, the lightly poppy-seeded buns were soft, and all of the toppings tasted fresh. Dogma also has a variety of beers and classic soda drinks like Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Black Cherry. The new owners will be adding a variety of sandwiches. Available the day I went were oyster and shrimp po boys, crab cake sandwich, smoke sausage with gardenia, Pittsburg and Philly cheesesteaks. – Stefanie

The Pitchfork: Grilled Bacon, Grilled Onions, Cheddar, BBQ Sauce, 100% Beef Hotdog

The Chicago: Yellow Mustard, Neon Relish, Chopped Onion (pictured without), Diced Tomatoes, Sport Peppers, Pickle, Celery Salt, 100% Beef Hotdog

Turkey Corn Dog: 100% Turkey Dog Dipped in Slightly Sweet Batter

L.A. Chili Dog: L.A. Chili, Yellow Mustard (pictured without), Chopped Onion, Shredded Cheddar, 100% Beef Hot Dog

Dogma Grill on Urbanspoon

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