CJ and the Magic (coffee) Bean(stalk)

You like to do your thinking in Cafes. So imagine having to go to a Starbucks to brainstorm ideas about opening a new, innovative coffee shop. That’s exactly the predicament that Christopher Johnson (CJ) found himself in. So what better way to solve the problem then to open up Eternity Coffee Roasters right here in downtown Miami. This is no ordinary coffee shop. Call this a micro-roastery. For starters, the coffee beans come from CJ’s partner’s, Cristina Garces, own coffee farm in Colombia. Her family has been growing coffee for over 60 years. Not to mention that Cristina is a master “cupper,” ensuring the best cup of coffee you could imagine, (at the very least, in Miami). Cristina and her father, Ernesto, grow, mill, and export the Coffee, and CJ imports and trades the coffee, and then roasts it at Eternity. It’s not everyday the owner of the shop can hold coffee beans in his hand, and tell you exactly where they came from, how they are roasted and brewed. Normally, all we hear is “Would you like whipped cream on that?” After ordering an iced La Eternidad coffee, cold-brewed over 18 hours in a Toddy of a size I didn’t even know existed, the first word that came to my mind was “chocolate.” There was no sugar or milk going into this baby…and there was no need, as there was no bitterness, and no burnt flavor that we’re (sadly) often accustomed to. This coffee was rich and very, very caffeinated. Perfect. The girls behind the counter at Eternity are knowledgeable and friendly. Whether you’re watching them use the “pour-over” method to brew your cup of joe, or they’re making you a dirty chai (“Christmas in a glass” as described by CJ. When I visited the store for a second time, I ordered this, and he was completely right. Yearning for the holidays? Grab one of these), they are happy to answer any questions you have, even if there’s a line behind you.

The pastries offered are sinful, and come freshly delivered every morning from an undisclosed local baker. The red velvet is the richest, reddest red velvet I have ever laid my eyes on. The chocolate cigar has an understated, almost bittersweet chocolate flavor, and is the perfect accompaniment to the coffee of your choice. Sandwiches were just added to the menu: Turkey Wraps, Chicken Pesto on Ciabatta, Ham and Turkey Club Wrap, and Caprese will be available daily. Located on 117 SE 2nd Ave, be sure to make this your to-go-to coffee spot when you’re downtown (or even when you’re not). -Stefanie

P.S. The website isn’t really up and running yet, but the hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm, and Saturday 8am-1pm. Sundays, when open, might entail coffee-tastings (if we get reallyy lucky!).

Pour Over Method

Chocolate Cigar

(Very) Red Velvet Cake

Coffee Beans from CJ's Own Fields

Eternity Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

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