Art, Nitrogen Cream & #foodtrucks

I’ve found myself in the Wynwood area more and more lately. Every time I search for a new restaurant to try, it seems I don’t have to look much further than this eclectic area. And although I did my clinical program just a stones through away, I never had the chance to check out the art galleries lining the streets. Or maybe I just preferred to stuff my face than look at art- either or, take a wild guess. So, Wynwood Art Walk was the perfect time to enjoy both artwork and, my favorite, food trucks. And although I’m not a Conusiouer of art (and won’t pretend to be one either), as food is more my thing, it was fun & something different all the same.

Apparently all of Miami had the same idea, because for blocks and blocks it was impossible to find parking. Finally, a miniscule spot was available along the Walls of Wynwood.

My favorite gallery of the night would have to be  Miguel Paredes Fine Art Gallery. Containing, amongst other things, Japanese pop art from a born-and-bred New Yorker, it also had 3 drink vendors (Perrier, Heineken & Rex-Goliath), and HaVen Gastro Lounge, mixing up some INCREDIBLE nitrogen cream. The executive chef, Todd Erickson, was there, serving up the ice cream himself. Friendly and willing to take an “action” shot for me, I will definitely be visiting Haven in the very near future. Both the guava and cheese with phyllo dough garnish and the Quattro leches nitrogen cream were enjoyed immensely. I never wanted it to end. And if the flavors from these treats were any indication of how the rest of a meal from there will taste, I’m prepared to be impressed and in love. Back to the artwork–the bright colors from the various works lining the walls, to the brownstone installation–I would have bought several pieces, including one of an elephant (hint hint)

We eventually moved to the congregation of food trucks, returning to the MexZican for their trilogy and shrimp tacos. Just as delicious as I remembered them before, however this time, they were accompanied with a tangy, cilantro-y, salsa-verde-y sauce. *Special thanks to Mr. Kligler for being an excellent hand model.

However, the star truck of the night would have to be Mr. Good Stuff’s arepa truck. “Hi, I’d like to order an ‘I Dream of Weenie,’” to which the Chef replied “How often.” Who comes up with this stuff? Mr. Good Stuff describes this hot dog as an angus dog ‘stuffed with sauteed onions, bacon, crushed potato chips’ and topped with their homemade garlic sauce & so fresh and so green. I describe it as heaven. Easily one of the best hotdogs any of us has ever tried. And although it was Aly who ordered it, there was a lot of reaching going on for a bite of her selection. We also ordered the Sweet Caroline Luna – Carolina-style pulled pork, white cheddar sauce and coleslaw, in between two perfectly crispy white cornmeal arepas. Throw some so fresh and so green on it, and you have a delicious, Venezulean-Southern hybrid of the classic pulled pork sandwhich. I recieved an email from Urban Daddy a few months ago (where my best friend Caitlin is an Associate Editor) about Mr. Good Stuff, and I should’ve followed their instructions to go months ago. I’ve definetly been missing out.

We finished the night off with cake pops – minus the stick – they ran out – so they were more like little truffles. The cake inside was incredibly rich. I could have eaten the entire box of them. However, due to the intense heat from all of the food trucks and people, one dulce de leche cake pop was the perfect bite to end the night on. We also tried the Mac’n Food Truck, and spotted a truck I haven’t come across before, the Purple People Eatery. One thing was for sure – Miami’ers sure do love their food trucks. It was SWELTERING outside, yet there were hoards of people lining up to eat – and there is NO lack of air-conditioned restaurants in this area, proving that food trucks may reign supreme. -Stefanie

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