Mofongo! | Jimmy’z Kitchen – Wynwood

What is mofongo? I’ve been asking myself the same thing for quite some time. After seeing Guy Fee-et-iiii on the Food Network utter the three-syllable mystery of a food, Β my Dad was always telling me “you gotta try mofongo” while you’re in Miami. Enter Jimmy’z Kitchen. Located on the corner of an unassuming, Wynwood-area street, Jimmy’z Kitchen is like a beacon of light on an otherwise drab looking street–literally, as the sign is a glowing proclamation. Aly & I went to JK’s on a mission – to conquer some mofongo. But aside from the namesake entree, there were also several (if not all) items on the menu that sounded too delicious to pass up. Meet the bolitas de queso, drizzled with a guava sauce. These are like mozzarella sticks on crack – mild cheese on the inside, perfectly fried, without any grease whatsoever, and a delicious, sweet contrast from the guava sauce. We devoured these in about 5 minutes, give or take. The guava-ness was so good that i even ate the very leafy greens that were underneath, just so I could savor more of the sauce.

Next up was the mofongo. Aly ordered the Churrasco mofongo, which came with a red creole sauce. The Churrasco was perfectly cooked medium rare (as every steak SHOULD be ordered, in my opinion) and seasoned. Puerto Rican mofongo, a mash of fried unripe green plaintains, garlic, scallions, and some sort of magic, came as a generous portion size and was a great combination of flavors. Although it should be noted, if you’re on a date, there is a strong, yet delicious, garlic flavor, and you may need a stick of gum after. OR, the guava cheesecake…I opted for the puerco de mojo protein for my mofongo. Fork-tender, it basically melted in your mouth. The almost crunchiness of the mofongo was an amazing contrast.

Although we were stuffed, and packed some leftovers to take home, we couldn’t pass up the guava cheesecake, a cafe con leche and a cortadito. The cheesecake was unlike any other I’ve had before. It was light and airy, and the guava sauce provided a sweet/tartness to the graham-cracker based dessert. Aly and I literally almost licked the plate clean.

Aside from the homemade deliciousness coming out of Jimmy’z Kitchen, there is a wide selection of craft beers, delicious brewed iced tea, Dr. Brown’s (!!) sodas, wine by the glass/bottle at reasonable prices, and an extremely friendly staff. As if that wasn’t even more incentive to go, there is also a rewards program – for every $1 you spend, you get a point. Reach 100, and you get 20% off your next meal. You get many bonus points just for registering your account. I already have 20% off my next meal. Mofongo anyone?


P.S. Check out twitter account (_AssaultNPepper) for a 20% off discount to Jimmy’z / Jimmy’z Kitchen Wynwood will also be taking part in Yelp Eat’s Week – 50% off a select menu. Get on that.

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One response to “Mofongo! | Jimmy’z Kitchen – Wynwood

  1. Wow….i want my monfongo now…you have described it could you please send some to new york!!!!

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