I finally was able to have my very much desired Miami Food Trucks experience. It occurred on a Saturday night, around 8 pm (although the event time was 5-10 pm), in Magic City Casino’s vacant lot. Although you don’t get to enjoy any of Miami’s beautiful views from this location, there were over 30 food trucks, and you definitely get to enjoy the amazingness (I wonder how many times I’ve said amazing on this blog, and what sushiwithmygirlsΒ would have to say about that) that comes out of these kitchen-on-wheels. Emily and I carefully walked around and looked at all of the food trucks before we chose where to drop our money. The nice thing is that beer, not supplied by any of the trucks, was only $2 each(Presidente, Corona, or MillerLite). After browsing, we decided to try: GastroPod, Dim Ssam a gogo by Sakaya Kitchen Restaurant, The Flying Saucer, Sugar Rush, and the Mexzican Gourmet. All of them were equally delicious.

At the flying saucer, we enjoyed 6 wings – three of which were mango habanero (they said it was their most requested sauce) and three buffalo (hot). These wings were some of the best I’ve ever had (besides Duff’s and my mom’s, no lie). The chicken was quality, they were crispy and had the perfect amount of sauce on them. Emily seemed to eat her wings maybe using one napkin, but I think I went through 20. This was a great start to the food marathon that was about to occur. I think for 6 wings it was somewhere around 7 dollars, could have been cheaper.

Next, we moved on to GastroPod. I had always seen it parked by Bayside on Biscayne Blvd., but was always unable to stop (i.e.: running late to class). Emily and I ordered the arepa, with had cojita cheese on it, and an all-beef hotdog. Both the arepa and hotdog came with the most amazing “slaw” on it. I have always been ‘eh’ about eatting anything made with cabbage, but this was so crunchy, pickled and delicious that I almost confused it for jicama. The hot dog didn’t need any ketchup (or mustard for you weirdos). I would eat the arepa every day for the rest of my life and die happy as well as 500 pounds, but NBD.

Next up, the Mexzican Gourmet. We each ordered one taco (2.50 each). I ordered the ‘Legacy Taco,’ which had brisket, chorizo, and chiccharon, and came with an onion and cilantro garnish (I barely tasted the cilantro, A+), on a soft corn tortilla. This was probably one of the best I’ve ever had, was the perfect size, and the perfect price. Emily got the fish taco, beer battered and lightly fried, which came with the same garnishes, same tortilla, but on a bed of lettuce and coleslaw. She loved it as well.

Wait, we’re not done. We ate a lot. Food baby status. We then had the most amazing tater tots, topped with short ribs, green onion, and a gourmet cheese sauce. This is probably the best stoner/drunk food ever (cue Anthony B and Β Tom C). I was neither stoned nor drunk, but I still really really loved this. The tots were not greasy, the cheese sauce was not processed tasting, and had a sophisticated, mild cheesiness. The shortribs were cut into perfect, little bit sized pieces. I liked it so much, I took the leftovers home.

We couldn’t leave without eating dessert. So naturally, instead of getting something small, like perhaps splitting a cupcake, we opted to get a freshly made waffle, topped with a cinnamon apple compote, with ice cream and whipped cream. We wanted the nutella and strawberry waffle, but they were out of strawberries. This made sense, since the trucks were leaving at 10, and we literally sprinted from our tots to this truck at 9:55. I also ordered a “Mexican Coke.” I thought this would be something rather interesting, however, it was just a Coke in a glass bottle via Mexico.

All in all, the food truck festival was a lot of fun, with really quality, gourmet food that you almost can’t believe came out of a truck, some the size of your moms minivan from back in the day. To follow any of these trucks on twitter, or find out where the next meet up is, please click on the various links in this post. And just a tip, go with an empty stomach!

P.S. we each had about 40 dollars cash, and I went home with about 20 dollars (we split everything). For the amount of food, the quality and variety, that’s pretty good.


For more pictures:

Gastropod (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

3 responses to “fOOd TRUCKS

  1. I’ll be hitting up food trucks today. I’ve had gastropod before…..amazing. But I just want to know, if you had to pick one place to eat….which would it be?

    • If I had to pick one food truck, I thought that Dim Ssam a gogo was amazing, but probably the trilogy taco at MexZican was the single item I liked the most. Although I didn’t try it, when I walked by the Mr. Good Stuff truck, I heard people saying how f’in good it was.

  2. The food truck idea is truly brillant, allowing the customer to explore a plentiful amount of different tastes, at reasonable prices. I fell in love with the idea of exploring the sights and sounds of each truck, and the delicious food that came with it. However, no food in my opinion was better than the Dim Ssam a gogo’s tater tots…a truly simple yet refined taste, absolutely rich with savory flavor; a true twist on an old classic.

    I also approve of this post’s road map of the food trucks…I just recently completed the Assault and Pepper Food Truck Challenge (aka following the above post’s recommendations) and HIGHLY suggest doing the same…my only input would be if need to forgo anything, drop the wings. And if you want a different dessert at sugar rush, I highly suggest the deep fried oreos (totally not too much batter, deliciously warm and gooey in the middle, and is complemented by a small cup of liquid-formed icing)


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