The Frieze

If there’s one thing I love, it’s ice cream. And pie.  A place that combines these two bites of joy must be something special.  It is. Very special.  A friend told me about The Frieze on South Beach, but I had yet to venture down there (or up there, from Brickell.)  However, one day, while going to Starbucks in Plantation, I saw the sign:

I immediately sent a picture text to my friend, waited for the jealousy to set in, and entered what would soon become a Sunday night Grunspan family tradition.   The girls at the counter greeted us cheefully, but I had one thing on my mind: ice cream.  They handed us spoon after spoon, suggesting different flavors for us to taste.  Red wine sorbet, peanut butter sorbet, chocolate sorbet, grape nuts ice cream, baci ice cream, chocolate decadence…and then, low and behold, I discovered pure, unadulterated genius: key lime pie ice cream and lychee sorbet.  The key lime was tangy, creamy, and swirled among pieces of graham cracker.  The citrus made my mouth pucker: a tell-tale sign of fresh key lime juice.  The lychee was tart, sweet, frosty, with tiny pieces of the chewy fruit speckled throughout the pale pink sorbet.  It was a Hobson’s choice.  Do I pick the key lime ice cream and leave the lychee to remain in the freezing, glass case? Or do I take the lychee home and neglect the key lime until my next visit? “You can get a scoop of each”, the wonderful, brilliant teenager behind the counter suggested.  Why didn’t I think of that? The girl who parks herself in front of the TV with a pint of ice cream on more occasions than I’d like to admit didn’t even fathom mixing the two creations into one, bountiful cup.  “YES!”, I exclaimed, 17 decibles louder than a normal person would have.    As my new friend, the ponytail-wearing teen, scooped the mounds of heaven into a pint, I devolved into a child at her first ice cream truck. 

Meanwhile, my dad was greedily sampling away at the other end of the glass freezer, annoying the other employee just as I had done two minutes earlier. He settled on a pint of lychee sorbet. Smart man.  As we drove away, we looked at each other as if to say “bad news” because we knew that our lives were changed forever.  Now, every Sunday, he poses the question: “Is it lychee time yet?” Thanks to The Frieze, it is ALWAYS lychee time.

The Frieze offers tons of deals, especially through Facebook.  I’ve visted on numerous occasions where I all I had to do was show an employee my student ID or comment on The Frieze’s page to get a discount and free scoop.  These people are clearly all about the ice cream.  And I like it! The combination of high quality ingredients and knowledgeable and passionate staff produce insanely delicious results. They also offer ice cream cakes and pre-packed pints of ice cream and sorbet.  However, they will make you a fresh pint upon request. Please, please, please go to The Frieze ASAP and let me know your favorite flavor.  While you’re there, grab me a pint of lychee sorbet. My cravings are beginning to cloud my thoughts.

The Frieze Ice Cream Factory on Urbanspoon

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