Stefanie But You Can Call Me Ani

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita…With my friends in town this weekend, I wanted to take them somewhere where I knew the ambiance was nice and pretty. DBYCCML has been a fall back for my friends & I for some time now. And, although Shari didn’t enjoy her food last time she went, we normally have good service, food, a nice outside table, and several bottles of wine, so I decided to go anyways. Well, we didn’t get wine, an outside table, or good service, but the food was pretty standard. This is a place you come for more for the beautiful outdoor seating than what they’re serving. However, everything on the menu always sounds enticing, the portions are generous, and it’s pretty darn cheap. An appetizer and entree runs you about 25 dollars, while their house bottles of wine are under 10.

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