Le Grove

I had two New York friends in town this weekend. After taking them to Delores in Brickell & spending all day on South Beach, I wanted to also show them Coconut Grove. We decided upon Lulu’s. My visiting friend, Caitlin, works for UrbanDaddy, and they had coincidentally reviewed it, so it was a perfect place to go. While walking there, we were approached by a woman who told us that if we said “Art Gallery,” we could each get a free glass of champagne with our meal. OK, sold. We ordered the corn shichimi corn and spicy ginger chicken wings as appetizers. The wings were crispy and delicious. The corn, which promised to be marinated in a chinese 5-spice, tasted like something you would get at sleep-away camp. Definitely pass that up. For my entree, I ordered the truffle macaroni and cheese. I was told by the waiter that it had a “very distinct taste.” Well, duh. Truffles tend to do that. It was delicious and I would order it again. I was especially happy with the portion size – not too big, not too small, call me Goldilocks. My other visiting friend only really eats french fries, so we did a little tour de fries this weekend, and Lulu’s were very good. Caitlin ordered the couscous salad, which had mint and cranberries in it, and the kobe beef slider, which came out way overcooked (she ordered medium rare). In addition, we ordered a pitcher of caipirinha. The pitcher was $40, but was huge, and between the two of us, I think we each got about 4-5 drinks. It was extremely fresh tasting–I think there were about 5 entire limes in the pitcher.

The next morning, we went to George’s in the Grove. I had recently been there the weekend before for brunch and I was drawn back because they have FREE mimosas. Seemingly unlimited FREE mimosas. The best part about George’s is the bread and the jam that they serve with it. We went through two baskets and I was tempted to ask for a basket to go. However, that reminded me of something my Grandpa would do, along with taking some sweet&lo packets, so I held back. We ordered the raspberry pancakes and a creole omelette, which had shrimp, creole seasoning, and tomatoes in it. I only eat egg whites and surprisingly, they didn’t charge me an extra two dollars like most places do. Both places are great for people watching and enjoy either a sunny morning or a nice Miami night.

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